L’Angolo della piada SRL started its manufacturing of Piadina alla Riminese in 2000, in addition to the production of cascioni romagnoli and rotoli farciti, adressed to large-scale retail distribution and major multiples (MMR), both as an independent brand both as private producer for the retail chain. Their dedication to the quality and the respect for the traditional recipe let them reaching the ISO 90001:2000 certification and the higher level for IFS standard. Continue on the website


The Morato brand was born in a small shop in Vicenza, where Luigi begins to mix water, flour and many ideas. Bake a new concept of bread for everyone,which must be practical, tasty and innovative in format. Something everyday and familiar, which cannot be missing on the tables of Italians. Bakery tradition preserved for generations, creativity, innovation and a lot of passion. This is our idea of ​​bread. We keep it alive every day, since 1970, when the first shop was opened in the center of Vicenza, until today, to bring many tasty proposals to your tables and inspire your imaginationContinue on the website



The history of Alimenta Produzioni begins in 2003 in a small artisanal laboratory called La Contadina (The Farmer), in Riccione, to whom is dedicated the name of the production of Piadina Romagnola PGI. During the years the company has constantly expanded, becoming one of the leading actors in the production of excellence from Romagna thanks to its traditional and handicraft vocation. Continue on the website



From a small shop in the center of Ravenna, Gastone has rapidly grown as a company, arriving to offer a series of products characterized by high quality standards, made with modern machineries. These efforts have brought the company, in 2015, to reach the official certification of PGI for its classic and handicraft Piadina. In addition to its line of Piadina Gastone produces bread, tigelle and dry pizzas for the national market. Continue on the website



The brand of Loriana Piadina was born in the 50’s and it is one of the most enduring companies in Piadina Romagnola market. Its products preserve the same authenticity of the origins making the company one of the most appreciated, as shown by the winning of two “Product of the year” prize by the consumers. In occasion of its 40th anniversary of foundation, Loriana Piadina has received the PGI certification and the “Flavor of the year” prize. Continue on the website



Negroni Umberto Artigina Alimentare is specialized in the production of Piadina, in the respect of the traditional recipe, which is produced and cooked by hand. Since 1996, Negroni Umberto uses for its products only certified and natural raw and, during the years, the production has grown offering crescioni, tigelle, tagliatelle and potato gnocchi. Continue on the website



Operative from 1979 as artisanal laboratory, Orva has continued to create piadine and bakery products in its Cesenatico, Bagnacavallo and Misano Adriatico branches. Its investments in technological innovations and its attention to high quality standards has made the company one of the biggest and most important realities in the local and large-scale retail, both as independent brand both as producers for others. Continue on the website



The piadina da Giorgia kiosk is the meeting point in Pinarella, Cervia, thanks to the research on ingredients and taste. Piadina da Giorgia has been always artisanal and family-run, they have made the ancient recipe of the piadina Romagnola a strong point, always faithful to tradition, handmade and served with the courtesy that distinguishes them.Continue on the website



The secret of the tastiness of the products made by Piadina Del Mare are contained in the authenticity of its raw materials, prepared and cooked at the moment according a tradition transmitted from generation to generation since the 60’s. Those are the main reasons for whom Piadina del Mare has been the first kiosk in Romagna to obtain the PGI certification. From its first openings, in Cervia and Milano Marittima, the kiosks of Piadina Del Mare have become a reference point for generations of inhabitants and tourists, who can choose among more than 50 possible filling combinations. Continue on the website


At the bottom of the excellence of Riccione Piadina products there is the accurate selection of raw materials. Only the most genuine ingredients, in fact, are chosen to create the dough, which will rest for 24 hours before the cooking made with 4 different temperatures. Riccione Piadina associates the tradition of the original recipe with innovation and research, this means rediscovering the ancient grains as much as the creation of gluten free products. The high quality standards and safeness are granted by Brc and IFS certifications. Continue on the website


Since 1989 Riviera Piada relies on the best suppliers in order to offer to its consumer a traditional Piadina with low fat content. Only a natural preservation process consents to maintain the original taste and its characteristic fragrance also in the packs addressed to the markets of all Riviera Romagnola. Continue on the website