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The Promotion and Protection Consortium is founded with the aim of promoting and valorizing the IGP Romagna Piadina, informing consumers, and ensuring the rigorous adherence to the traditional recipe in production.
Consorzio Promozione e tutela Piadina Romagnola IGP

Consortium ✻

Curently, the Consortium boasts a diverse membership of

10 associates

ranging from small artisanal businesses to larger industrial enterprises and kiosks, all situated across the Romagna region.
The Consortium serves as a mediator and representative for these companies, facilitating the negotiation of agreements and conventions. When deemed beneficial for achieving the consortium’s objectives, it may collaborate with private entities and/or sectoral and supply chain organizations. This collaboration involves providing support, potentially delegating functions and specific objectives to other associations and organizations within the sector. Additionally, the Consortium may offer personnel, facilities, and services to collectively pursue common goals.

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Our commitment to consistent quality
In 2014, Romagna Piadina became one of the EU’s PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) products. This recognition not only highlights the cultural and gastronomic importance of this recipe but also underscores the constant commitment promoted by the Promotion and Protection Consortium to preserve its uniqueness and ensure high production quality.
Why choose PGI?
PGI is the European certification that ensures the historical and geographical authenticity of the product, along with the safety of its production process, where every step is meticulously executed in accordance with the specifications. Furthermore, its distribution is supervised and safeguarded by the Promotion and Protection Consortium of Piadina Romagnola PGI.
Our values


We honor the traditional recipe by meticulously overseeing every stage of production, from ingredient selection to labeling, in strict accordance with our production specifications.


Piadina Romagnola PGI can only be produced in the designated geographical areas outlined in the regulations, spanning across the provinces of Rimini, Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna, and Bologna, extending to the Sillaro river.


We implement surveillance activities aimed at safeguarding the PGI brand from counterfeiting and improper use of certification, alongside promotional efforts to expand awareness of our product.
Il consiglio di amministrazione
Alfio Biagini



Alfio Biagini

Alfio Biagini

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