Piadina Romagnola PGI conquers the consumers in Germany and Italy

1 April 2020

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[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”10″][vc_single_image image=”1244″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_empty_space height=”10″][vc_column_text]With an IGP production tripled in three years, Piadina Romagnola focuses on the web, fairs and events to consolidate its relationship with consumers and buyers

Promote the value of the Piadina PGI product and its link with the Romagna area, defending the identity, history and values ​​of the PGI Romagna piadina in its uniqueness and excellence throughout Europe.
This is the mission of the project implemented by the Consortium for the Promotion and Protection of Piadina Romagnola Igp for the two-year period 2019/21, aimed above all at the national and German market, and financed through the Rural Development Plan of the Region.

Identify the IGP product, its pleasantness and uniqueness and its values, with Romagna, that is, with its exclusive production area. This is the main objective of the Consortium for the protection and promotion of Piadina Romagnola Igp in defense and protection of any imitation. Not a small task and one on which we must not let our guard down, given that in the world there are as many as 94 registered brands of piadina.
The efforts of the Consortium are concentrated on this point, which in a few years has more than tripled the quantities of Piadina Romagnola produced under the IGP brand since its birth, taking them from just over 6,500 tons in 2014 to over 20,000 in 2018, practically 50%. of all the piadina produced both in large-scale distribution and in restaurants and kiosks.

If it is not from Romagna it is not IGP
Flour, water, salt, extra virgin olive oil or lard, the specification states. And it continues: a dough divided into rounded balls or loaves that are worked with the classic rolling pin or through mechanical sheets to form a disc with a diameter between 15 and 25 cm for a thickness of 4 to 8mm, in the case of the ‘Piada or Piadina Romagnola ‘, or between 23 and 30 cm for a maximum of 3 mm in thickness in the case of’ Piadina Romagnola alla Riminese ‘. Then 3 or 4 minutes of cooking on a plate at 200/250 degrees, and the piadina is served. But attention to be produced only and exclusively in a handful of municipalities ranging from Rimini to the province of Bologna, south of the Sillaro river, in an area that corresponds to traditional Romagna.

First of all, therefore, knowledge and identification with the territory of origin.
‘PGI Romagna piadina is born only under the moon of Romagna’, reads the new pay off, where Piadina-Luna, already protagonist of the active campaign until 2018, tells the world, in a starry sky, its indissoluble bond with Romagna .
A promotion and enhancement process supported by the Consortium Members and which will involve consumers and buyers to increase the notoriety of a symbolic product of Romagna.

Web and social
Piadina from Romagna is one of the most sought-after products on the web and it is no coincidence that the Consortium has focused heavily on digital communication which in one year of activity has led to over 2 million views overall on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.
To reinforce this unique identity and the appeal of the product linked to Romagna, for the first time, a spot dedicated to Piadina Romagnola PGI is being created, which from this summer will accompany the most followed videos on social media, starting from the YouTube channel. on major national information channels. The campaign will continue for the two years of the project and it is estimated that it will reach 40 million views. Insights, recipes, mini-video historical-traditional contents will integrate the schedule prepared for social media. To complete the campaign, traditional communication channels will be used, both in Italy and Germany, the main reference markets for the next two years, through the declination of the visual and the purchase of information spaces in national newspapers and trade magazines.

Alongside the communication schedule, 2019 will see the Romagna Piadina protagonist of numerous events. The most important is the Piadina Night, an annual and itinerant event that debuts this summer from Rimini.
The night of the piadina will celebrate the ‘bread of the Romagna’ by involving testimonials of the sport and entertainment that have made Romagna great. And on the contaminated notes of the most famous smooth in the world, the taste of Piadina Romagnola Igp will be interpreted by chefs and influencers, declining typicality and tradition in a mix of flavors and stories.
Among the other scheduled events, participation in all stages of Tramonto DiVino, the tour of taste that for 15 years has brought the best of certified typical products paired with wines to the squares of the coast and to the Emilia-Romagna art cities. regional.

The fairs
In October, the European promotion will start with the participation of the Consortium at the Anuga Fair in Cologne, the most important trade fair in the world.
In Anuga the piadina will be the protagonist of a series of presentations to international buyers and sector operators, highlighting the uniqueness of the product and the link with its territory.
In parallel to the presentations at the fair, an advertising campaign will be planned in specialized sector publications. And for the Fairs, in 2020 the Consortium will be present at Cibus Parma with a stand and at Sial in Paris with a dedicated event.

Piadina Romagnola PGI in numbers
To date (2019) in Italy almost 50% of the piadina produced is PGI, therefore it is certified. In the Belpaese, in 2018, about 47,000 tons of Piadina were produced, of which 38,000 for large-scale distribution (2018 data), with an increase of + 6.2% compared to 2017. To these are added just over 8 thousand tons equally divided between restaurants and kiosks. The production value of Piadina in general (Igp and not) is 160 million euros in the large-scale distribution, with an increase of 5.5% compared to 2017. One figure gives an idea of ​​the exponential growth of Piadina PGI: in 2014 it was 6,768 tons , in 2016 it was 12,100 tons, in 2017, 13,500 in 2018 is 20,250.

The Photograph of the Consortium
Established in 2011, the members of the Consortium for the Promotion and Protection of Piadina Romagnola are 13. These are the members of the Consortium: Adp (Riccione), Alimenta Produzioni (Riccione), Artigianpiada (Cerasolo), Deco Industrie (Bagnacavallo), Gastone (Ravenna) , Gitoma (Bagnacavallo), Global Food (Misano), Negroni Umberto (Castel Guelfo), Pagliacci Marilena (Cervia), Piada d’Oro (Saludecio), Riccione Piadina (Riccione), Riviera Piada (Rimini), F.lli Maioli ( Cervia).
The Consortium chaired by Alfio Biagini, aims to implement initiatives aimed at promoting and enhancing the product.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”10″][/vc_column][/vc_row]